OMNIPACK Cluster - Technology Centre

Equipment development and testing center OMNIPACK Cluster:

  • Rapid Prototyping - technology EOSINT laser sintering 3D printer - DIMENSION SST 1200
  • Software Cosmos Works - load simulation in the design phase
  • 3D Scanner ATOS 1 - optical scanning complex parts
  • Datalogger, DropTest System with a triaxial - to determine the mechanical stress of transport units
  • Climatic chamber - check the influence of climatic conditions on packaging and fixing elements
  • Plotter SW ArtiosCAD
  • Modular software system for logistics and packaging - optimization of load distribution
  • BACES 3D 200 - precision measurement products for packaging
  • Patterning table and development department for foams
  • Adhesive plotter
  • Technology for vacuum forming
  • Technology for rounding the edges of the thermal proces
  • Technology for fixation
  • Laboratory testing of plastic materials
  • Technology for material cutting high pressure water jet
  • Equipment for 3D digitization
  • Device for static testing of packaging
  • Flexographic Technological Complex